Data Collection on Companies and Individuals

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logo  27 October 2022


Collection of data on companies and individuals, including contact information, for further processing, analysis, and communication. All research results will be sent directly to the customer and will never be shared with a third party.

The service consist of data collection regarding companies in the selected field, which are then sorted by customer-defined parameters and contact information.

We work with the following types of private research:

  • Exploratory research – collection and surface-level review of data on a specific topic;
  • Descriptive research – in-depth collection and extended review of data on a specific topic. Includes basic analytical conclusions drawn from the data obtained;
  • Analytical research – in-depth collection and comprehensive review of data on a specific topic. A full study of the collected data with the goal of revealing patterns and compiling analytical reports.

Research methodology:

  • Survey – online or offline consumer survey or questionnaire on the given topic;
  • Information analysis – processing and analysis of customer-provided datasets;
  • Experimentation – conducting of online and offline experiments on the given topic;
  • Observation – obtaining data by observing the behavior of a certain group of people;
  • Expert valuation – obtaining expert opinion on the given topic by means of key field representative interviews and surveys.

Data collection methodology:

  • Primary: manual and automated collection of raw data from various online and offline sources;
  • Secondary: search for and processing of ready-made datasets: completed studies, customer data, etc.

Social media used for collecting company/individual data:

  • Official websites;
  • Facebook;
  • Instagram;
  • Twitter;
  • Telegram;
  • Discord;
  • Reddit;
  • YouTube.

List usage formats:

  • We compile the list, then you contact the companies/individuals of interest;
  • We compile the list, then we contact the companies/individuals of interest and pass the torch to you once certain agreements have been reached;
  • We compile the list, we contact the companies/individuals of interest and conduct the negotiations in full as well as help with future collaboration (payments, conditions, execution control, etc.)