Cryptocurrency and NFT Websites Q1 2022

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logo  16 June 2022
Get the list of 1089 cryptocurrency and nft websites
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Cryptocurrency and NFT Websites of Q1, 2022. Data based on 1089 official Websites related to Cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Our team has performed an extensive review of the best websites to assist in your research of cryptocurrency and related markets.

To help you find reliable information, we have compiled a list of 1080 cryptocurrency websites that report on the latest cryptocurrency news and provide resources or exchange services.

The purpose of this research is to connect the user to a platform that best suits their search query. 

The research on official websites was carried out using open sources and the following search methods:

  • Google search;
  • Official website data collection via social media: YouTube, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Discord, Instagram.

For ease of comparison, the information gathered is grouped by the following criteria:

  • Traffic — the websites’ user flow in March 2022;
  • Tags — keywords for data classification and markup;
  • Contacts — available communication methods.

Thanks to all of these features, you will be able to perform your own crypto research and analysis in record time.

Short insights

We have found a total of 1089 official websites related to Cryptocurrencies and NFTs:


  • 388 websites with less than 10,000 traffic per month;
  • 360 websites ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 traffic per month;
  • 190 websites ranging from 100,000 to 1,000,000 traffic per month;
  • 87 websites with over 1,000,000 traffic per month.


  • 577 websites with the “NFT” tag;
  • 166 websites with the “Crypto” tag;
  • 346 websites with both the “Crypto” and “NFT” tags.

Future Goals & Extensions

  • Websites contact search;
  • Advanced user engagement metrics search;
  • Marketing trends and promotional flyer analysis;
  • Agencies and intermediaries;
  • Regional affiliation identification;
  • Advertising pricing models;
  • General website list expansion, as well as region-specific expansion for Asia-Pacific and MENA.

1A website's user flow during a certain period of time.