Antivirus Database Check

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logo  2 November 2022


Antivirus database check is one of the primary SERM services.

The service provides data aggregated from numerous antiviruses and warns if any of them have marked your service as unsafe.

Antivirus database check also provides links or contact info for the technical support teams of the antiviruses that have marked your website with yellow or 'increased risk' level in those cases where they simply do not know enough about your company.

The antivirus database check is performed using the following methods:

  • We contact all individual antiviruses listed in the database;
  • We find out what their problem is with a specific website (most often the misunderstanding is caused by a simple lack of information);
  • We provide the necessary information or inform the customer what needs to be fixed to resolve the situation;
  • We check the status of the specified website on the antivirus's list after the required changes have been implemented;
  • We confirm the rating increase in the antivirus's database.