Dataset Development

The simplest type of work from our list of services is dataset development. Every day we collect all kinds of data lists, expand them with additional information, pack everything into spreadsheets, sort and rank the resulting datasets, then prepare this information for use in future analysis.

Engaged in an everyday data search, a person usually accumulates the main bulk of information during the first few hours. It may then take several more days to collect detailed data required to complete the current array, but what if the task demands a sweeping dataset on the research target? Data40 specializes in accumulation of supremely comprehensive data.

Here is how it works

  • First, you need to know if there are TOP-5, 10, 20, 100 units (companies, products, services, applications, patents, deals, etc.) in your field of interest;
  • Next you should realize that there are hundreds/thousands/hundreds of thousands of said units;
  • You contact us by web chat or at;
  • Describe the data you require;
  • We evaluate the scope and cost of work, then prepare a pre-offer;
  • You answer any clarifying questions that might arise;
  • The work begins as soon as you agree to the pre-offer;
  • As a result, you get an exhaustive data report on the requested subject.

We regularly publish lists of data on various topics, known as premium research minis. There you can find previously collected data that may be useful for your company or project. There are both free lists available via this link and paid lists that you can find by clicking here.

If you could not find the required data among previously released studies, feel free to order our service. Its results will serve to improve your knowledge on the subject of interest. Follow the link to check our rates. The main workflow falls under the tier 2 rate. We can operate in two modes: a standard public offer or an individual payment agreement. Invoices will be issued based on monthly employee work results.