Data40 news – end of summer, 2020

logo  3 September 2020

Data40 has been developing rapidly, and we are happy to share all the details and plans we have at the moment.

Data40 available reports catalog

We have released multiple reports for purchase or free download directly from our site.

Team growth

Our team keeps growing as we produce more and more reports and services. We have ambitious plans on growing even more as soon as we start receiving even more requests and orders from our customers.

Data40 social media

We have launched all major social network accounts for you to subscribe and follow.

Marketplaces working with Data40

We are hard at work to make our products and reports available for you to buy and download from your favourite world known reports & research marketplaces. You can expect to see our products on most major platforms since we already contact them and discuss the details. If you have a prefered one you’d like to see us on, contact us and share your preferences. Our prices and level of support will remain the same through all of the platforms and marketplaces. However, if you want to support us the most, please consider buying directly from our site. We will keep posting all the marketplace links as soon as we are live on each of them.

Plans and current projects

We are planning to release a new report with extensive information on shooter video games and its classifications and types in coming days. This report will be useful for all the game developers trying to improve and categorize their shooting projects. More details will be available within the report’s description as it goes live on our site. More projects and reports are also coming and will be announced later.

Site updates

We have updated our services description to better explain what we do. Please, check our newest look at what we call Data Terminal – our biggest project yet.

More contacts

You can now contact us using any of these:

Sales & Consulting email:
Marketing & Growth email:
Company owner email:
Linkedin: Vasiliy Vasilchenko
Discord: Twinsen_RUS#6311
Telegram: @twinsen_rus