Data40 in July, 2021: New report, order templates and custom project

logo  26 July 2021

There is a lot happening in Data40 these days, and we are very proud to share the news with you.

New premium report

Live roulettes in gambling overview Q4 2020

This release contains the extensive information on different online roulette types, including but not limited by: online roulettes catalogue, online roulette developers & providers catalogue, casinos providing online roulettes mode catalogue.
For this research we have evaluated 1016 casinos and 213 online roulette types. You will find a complete description for every game mode, including game rules, odds, design elements description, ui/ux evaluation, working hours and many more for the most extensive roulette market overview. We have also included all the main playing strategies or systems used by professional gambling players.
This research might be very useful for casino owners and developers, gambling games developers, publishers and providers, professional gambling players. It contains both overall market overview and all the specific details on every game mode and feature.

Price: $1250.00

New payment templates

If you have a specific custom project in mind that you want us to do, please contact us using any method you like, we will calculate the price and provide you with a link for template payments which can be made very quickly.
We have multiple payment templates at the moment for different project sizes:

New custom project

We are pleased to announce that we are currently hard at work making the most ambicious project to date come to life which is a custom parcing and notification engine. If you are interested in this kind of projects, please contact our team for a custom request or demonstration of our ideas.