Data terminal

Working Title: Data Terminal
Expected Release Date: TBA
Compatibility: All devices
Developer: Data40
Developer contact: Contacts page

Data Terminal is currently our most ambitious project, which will allow professionals from different fields to use a single information base with paid access, within which it will be possible in a few clicks to get the necessary selection of relevant data on the topic of interest, download the necessary results, and, if necessary, generate graphs and then upload them in popular formats such as XLSX, CSV, PDF, JPG, BMP, DOCX, PPTX and others. We expect that Data Terminal will become the standard among data professionals and will be connected for most companies in the world.


The terminal will contain full information from various fields, allowing you to get an answer to any question of interest in just a couple of clicks. At the same time, users will have the opportunity to select only the data they need, and sort them in any necessary order, generate a report and use it in further work.

Data relevance

One of our leading tasks is to develop methodologies and tools to keep the ever-growing volume of data up to date. We want our users to have access to the latest information at any time, and not rely on data that is out of date for several months. To do this, we are developing tools that will move our specialists from the category of data collectors to the category of terminal operators who will manage our proprietary method of automatic data collection and check the quality of the received material. In addition, we will constantly add new data based on our research and reports, so that over time, the terminal will only become more useful.

Functionality and convenience

The task is to provide maximum flexibility when working with data, so that any user can get the answer he needs with just a couple of clicks, while the interface should be intuitive, simple and fast. We want any manager, even one with no experience in working with tables, to be able to easily understand our interface and get the desired result.


Another important task for a terminal with a huge amount of data is to make it accessible and convenient on all devices, including smartphones. We will pay great attention to creating simple and convenient terminal versions for all platforms and screen sizes. At the same time, all versions will work equally quickly, will allow you to access all data and, for example, export any upload right on the way to an important meeting.


We are planning to add the ability to integrate Data Terminal into your workflow via API or other methods. Whether it’s getting notifications and uploads to Slack or auto-filling your CRM – we’re planning on adding that. At this stage, a complete list of possible integration methods is under development.


The date terminal will be highly functional for exporting the received data. You can upload a large amount of data in any convenient format, or you can export only that part with those settings that were configured by you while working in the terminal. Particular attention will be paid to the ability to immediately export the designed sheet or its components, ready to be inserted into your presentation or report. You just have to copy the result into your report.

Access and price

To use the terminal, it will be enough to register an account and pay for access. We plan to make the terminal an accessible and desirable tool for specialists around the world, so the cost of a subscription will be as loyal and low as possible around the world.

Release dates

At the moment we are not ready to announce the release date. The development of such a project requires the involvement of highly qualified development specialists and advanced technologies. At this stage, we have a clear plan for the development of the Data Terminal and a detailed map of investments, however, the actual release date will be announced after the start of the development process.