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DATA40 Terminal is a data platform designed for efficient data management and analysis in specific areas: GameDev, iGaming, Blockchain, Venture and related FinTech/AdTech.
D40 Terminal is a data platform designed for efficient data management and analysis in specific areas: GameDev, iGaming, Blockchain, Venture and related FinTech/AdTech.

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Top mobile game genres in 2023. Part 2

31 Jan, 2023

In the recent article, we listed some of the most popular mobile gaming genres and their most interesting sub-genres. Here, you can read the continuation of the topic.

Mobile game time to enjoy


A role-playing game is an RPG. RPG games are extremely popular on consoles and PC, but they are also becoming more popular with mobile users. This genre of games frequently includes larger titles, some of which include expansive open environments.

RPGs frequently pair with adventure genres and require the player to take on the role of the protagonist (who may or may not be customizable) in order to finish the plot. There may even be multiple stories at times, including the main one and a few side tasks. Only on mobile, consumers spend more than $8 billion on them.


Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games, or MMORPGs, are one of the oldest gaming categories. Generally speaking, it is an online role-playing game in which the player empowers the hero and acquires new abilities through combat with fictional opponents or other players. Over time, MMORPGs have developed. The term has evolved, the sub-genre has developed, and Warcraft is no longer the only example. Large, zone-based universes found in MMORPGs are reminiscent to other fantasy settings found in works like The Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones. Dragons, knights, demons, gods, and just terrifying beasts are all present.

Thousands of gamers play these mobile games every minute to defeat bosses, get loot, and complete other missions. Due to the fact that not all smartphones could run these games, MMORPGs for mobile devices were less popular than those for PC. However, the popularity of the genre is growing again thanks to the rise of smartphones. Arcane Legends, Adventure Quest, and Dungeon Hunter 5 are a few of the most well-known mobile MMORPGs.


On smartphones, some of the most popular games are survival-based. Additionally, it is one of the few products whose name includes the main mechanism. You need to survive. Typically, players build a base, develop various crafts, fortify it against outside threats, find food, and occasionally form friends. The fundamental gameplay concepts are approached in a wide variety of ways. While maintaining a distinct survivor vibe, most survival games are able to stand themselves from one another.

Idle RPG

The incremental-style growth of an idle game is combined with classic RPG components in the idle RPG. As a result, the game has an RPG-like feel but is also very repetitive. That’s part of what makes them appealing. You sign back in, get your awards, and carry on playing further than you had before. Since there have been so many releases, several games in this genre have become increasingly popular.


This genre aims to provide a different reality while simulating actual events. For simulation players, nothing is out of the question, not even building towns or flying airplanes. With Stardew Valley, Goat Simulator, and Cook Simulator, you may practice being a farmer or a goat, respectively (with Cooking Mama). Success is bred by the engaging gameplay experience.

One of the most popular game genres for mobile devices is simulation. In 2021, it received more over 3 billion downloads globally. The Sims is one of the most well-known simulation games; it is especially well-liked on PC, but it also has a mobile application. 


Sandbox games let you create your own fun rather than putting a heavy emphasis on linear gameplay mechanics and level design. Although they are sometimes compared to open-world games there is actually a slight distinction. In any event, sandbox games allow players to express their creativity while still giving them objectives to complete. 

Open worlds can be present in sandbox games, but the player still has a significant amount of influence over the environment. For instance, Rollercoaster Tycoon is a sandbox game rather than an open-world game. You have a goal that you can approach in any way. You are free to construct any rides you desire, destroy any ones that already exist, alter the surroundings, or even erect rides underground. The way you accomplish the goal is irrelevant to the game.


These games have a strong emphasis on tactic.  Tycoon games are about managing  a certain business. Your objective is to create the best business you possibly can. Making the optimal choices requires careful consideration of a number of factors, including financial, technological, creative, social, etc. There is a long and illustrious history of tycoon games. SimCity, RollerCoaster Tycoon, and Transport Tycoon are a few of the best-known. This area also has several modern gems. The game Game Dev Tycoon has seen some success. Pocket City, a SimCity-inspired game, is also quite nice. 


There are various distinctive gameplay components in farming simulators. Spending money on crops and animals is common among players. When they harvest the plants and animals, they recoup that money plus a profit. Each one varies in terms of sophistication and depth. Most mobile farming simulators lean toward the lighter, more laid-back end of the spectrum.


Sports-based games have already attempted to mimic the majority of sports. Football, basketball, baseball, cricket, and golf are timeless games that are frequently played on desktop computers and mobile devices. Due to their emphasis on strategy and discipline over actual gameplay, several of the most played games in this genre are also known as “managers,” such as football manager and cricket manager. This is because many sports games include both team management and actual gameplay.

Due to excessive monetization, sports games have unfortunately gained a bad reputation over time, which has harmed people’s perceptions of some fantastic titles. Sports games are not just viewed as games for kids by some, but have also received a bad rap overall as a result of big companies in the industry using the genre like an easy “set it and forget it” platform for housing microtransactions.

Strategy games

Strategy games depend on player choice to determine the result. Clash of Clans and Clash Royale are two of the most played strategy games. The objective is to succeed (whether that means defeating your opponent or finishing off riddles) by using your skills. Strategy games are a fairly broad gaming genre because they can employ a wide range of mechanics.

Since such games are time-consuming and need a lot of effort to establish a character, a kingdom, or whatever the game is about, a player must have patience to win in a strategy. Different options and modes, such as a single and multiplayer option, are provided to players by strategies. Strategy games can be an excellent option to work on strategic, planning, and team playing skills.

Tower defence

One of the first sub-genres of games to really capitalize on mobile phones was tower defense. Playing on screens is made simple by the touch controls, and updates have made it possible to add a level of depth that was previously unavailable in many mobile games. In other words, playing them on a phone is equally as enjoyable as playing them on a computer. Although the sub-genre has somewhat plateaued in recent years, tower defense games continue to rank among the greatest and most enjoyable strategy games available for mobile devices.

Auto chess

The popularity of auto chess is growing significantly. Games like Teamfight Tactics, Dota Auto Chess, and others gained significant success on the PC. These video games’ concepts are quite straightforward. Each round, you add characters to the board, and those characters engage the enemy figures in combat. Without any further assistance, the characters fight their battles on their own. They refer to it as auto chess or auto battling for this reason. If you triumph, the opponent suffers damage; if you lose, you take harm. 

You will have an advantage in combat thanks to the synergistic powers of the different characters. This fundamental mechanic is different in every game, yet they all work the same way.


Simple control, gameplay, and interaction are all that are needed for arcade games. The player must achieve the maximum score possible and restart when he makes a mistake.This genre is very addictive and frequently operates on an infinite loop.  Players strive for a better score or a new achievement in these low-risk games. In addition to using digital recreations of actual physical arcade games, several arcade games also feature retro design elements. Bonuses, power-ups, and extra lives are frequently included in arcade games to give the player an advantage.

Tap games

Tap games are fun in the same way as fidget spinners. You grant yourself permission to repeat a motion until you become tired of doing it. The games are entertaining on their own, but to give them greater depth, they are frequently combined with other genres, as incremental. 


Mobile first-person shooter (FPS) games frequently put the player experience first. In essence, it comes down to how enjoyable running and shooting are in each game. It’s not good enough to have clumsy gameplay, subpar performance, and difficult controls. They typically have complex graphics, a high need for Internet use, and are just generally resource-intensive games. FPS games have a strong emphasis on missions, fast thinking, and a competitive spirit. You are the main character in first-person shooter games. 

Battle Royale

The concepts and rules of mobile royal battles are the same as those of PC royal battles. The learning curve has gotten longer and only the controls have changed. The core concept of the Battle Royale genre is that players employ resources like weapons, arms, and ammo to engage in combat with 99.9% of other players on a sizable battlefield. The player must gather the resources, which are dispersed in several locations, in order to fight the foes. Staying alive is the primary objective of the mobile battle royal game.

Tencent’s invention PUBG mobile, which has 400 million players as of the end of 2019, smashed all previous records with an average of 50 million players every day. The game appears to be simple at first look. However, when compared to more classic first-person shooter games like Battlefield or Call of Duty, the genre is obviously distinguished by the enormous maps and the numerous weapon and armor choices. A vast playground with countless tactical options is available to the gamer. Fortnite is a well-liked battle royale mobile game. The ability to build defense pieces directly on the battlefield allowed the game’s makers to pique players’ interest in addition to the game’s aesthetic design and crystal-clear graphics.

AR/Location Based

Augmented reality gaming is still a relatively new idea. Ingress and Pokemon Go were the first genuinely popular augmented reality games on mobile. Games that incorporate augmented reality (AR) link the physical and digital worlds. Real-world aspects are included into games using the camera and GPS. Some worlds are combined better than others. The majority of augmented reality games are still time-wasting, proof-of-concept titles. However, it appears that Google’s ARCore and public interest are moving things forward. In fact, there were a number of significant AR releases in 2018, and this list really came into its own after that. Additionally, several games had augmented reality (AR) components, which we also thought was very cool.


Hardcore gamers sometimes prefer to play more games that allow them to concentrate while playing, and rhythm games are still widely played on mobile devices. The good news is that most of these games have a mobile game version; however, some gamers will have a nostalgic feel to it and continue playing. Some gamers are looking for a portable experience of playing these games. Back in the day, some gamers used to play music mobile rhythm games in the arcades and even on some portable consoles. The main focus of music games is musical components. The player taps to the beat of the music (typically well-known modern songs) in some of the most popular mobile music games in an effort to get points and keep going as long as possible.


It is obvious that the market for mobile games will expand in 2023 and in the years after. In order to succeed in this competitive market, game developers and marketers must seize this opportunity. It’s crucial to keep track of how the demographics of mobile gamers are always shifting. It is evident that the perception of what a “gamer” is has changed.

We’ve seen the emergence of NFTs and blockchain gaming, both of which promise innovative new methods to play and make money from mobile games. Also, the discussion of the metaverse has raised the question of how it will affect gaming.  In any case, it will be fascinating to watch how the market for mobile games develops over time. 

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